Thursday April 18th @ 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT

Marketing has long had a love-hate relationship with metrics.  Metrics help us understand how our processes are performing, and when they are performing well, they boost the credibility of the marketing function.  The challenge has always been to identify metrics that are meaningful indicators of marketing’s contribution, as so much of what marketing does seems to defy measurement.

Stephan Sorger, an authority on marketing analytics and author of a new, definitive book on the subject, joins Demand Metric to help demystify marketing analytics. During this free, one-hour workshop, Mr. Sorger will share strategic models and metrics from his recently published book to help marketers quantify and monitor their efforts, as well as predict their results.  

This workshop is ideal for any marketing professional who needs to define the proper framework of metrics to accurately portray marketing’s true value to the organization.

About the Instructor

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Learning to Love Marketing Analytics

Stephan Sorger, VP Strategic Marketing

MBA,. M.S., PE, CMC, is a marketing executive, instructor, and author. Previously, Mr. Sorger held leadership roles in marketing and product development in companies such as Oracle, 3Com (now part of Hewlett Packard), and NASA.